Health Coach Plus… CPR, First Aid, and Other Safety Training

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CPR, First Aid, and Other Safety Training

  • Have your group trained at your site.  CPR with AED, First Aid, Blood Pathogens and more to ensure you are compliant with OSHA and other certification Boards.  If your group has more than 10 participants.
  • Schedule a class .   Form an ONSITE group, or join a group. A group is 5 or more participants in a Tampa, FL zip code, and for a bit more, other FL cities. Under 5 participants? Training may still be available on a limited basis.
  • Renew First Aid Not available for first time students.You may opt to save time with a blended learning option where you do an online theory exposure from the curriculum board then meet with me for 15 minutes to cover hands on updates.
  • 2 Hour Childcare online courses:  Safety is Good for (the Childcare)  OR  Business and Blood Borne Pathogens
  • 4 Hour HIV training.  Not our course, but we are glad to be a resource for you.
  • Become a CPR  Instructor Earn extra income, or save some by training your staff in-house. We train you to teach CPR and other safety skills, and establish your own Training Center. For more information call (813) 760-5624
  • Already a CPR/Safety Instructor?  Learn to Earn $15K or more, part-time
  • Purchase First Aid, and Emergency safety products here.
  • 2 Hr Credit Course. Click Box
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