Become a Profitable Steward who Enjoys Debt-Free Wealth.

In a nutshell:  I teach Biblical Financial Strategies to Christian Income Earners.

Life beyond zeroTrudy Beerman is an author, radio host, and CEO of Profitable Stewardship, inc. where she teaches Biblical Financial Strategies to help Christian income earners find, and monetize their purpose, acquire the upgrades to things they want, and become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth, all while embracing the Bible as a practical, relevant guide to success.

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Lifestyle Upgrades the Debt-Free Wealth Way

debt-free wealth

There is a lifestyle you desire and deserve, and it is just beyond your income and affordability. Debt is NOT the answer! Lifestyle upgrades the Debt-free Wealth way is.

I help breadwinners, and those who manage the household income re-frame their financial situation, with strategy and mindset shifts so they embrace the changes necessary to move toward their better life.

Living within and below your means is a valid strategy, but it is boring, hard to do, and absolutely no fun – if you keep thinking about stuff you want and can’t have.

The debt-free wealth way is not immediately easy to do, and harder for some. This site is well seasoned with Christian content, so if that offends you, this is not the site for you. Doing what is not easy becomes easier if you realize that Philippians 4:13 is true; you CAN do all things, even the debt-free wealth things, through Christ, who gives you strength.

Trudy Beerman has lived debt, survived debt, and now having embraced the debt-free wealth way, returns with the life boat to help others do the same.  Despite all her credentials in the financial space, she did finances the secular way – with leverage.  Putting zero to little down, to access big ticket debt.  Today, she holds the position that there is no such thing as ‘good debt’, although there is necessary and justified debt.