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Trudy's Story

Trudy Beerman feels compelled to share her insights, Ahas, and revelations regarding Biblical Stewardship with everyone she has the privilege to connect with.  Get some background on Trudy and her story here.

Stewardship (aka Biblical Managment) of money, time, resources and the body. I promote programs and products that help the Christian income earner BECOME a Profitable Steward of what God has put under their control. Since our body is how we do life on this side of eternity, and it is also (according to the Bible) the Temple of the Holy Spirit, it is key we pay attention to stewardship of our body, as it impacts our ability and energy to do everything else in life.


An Update from Trudy



debt free wealth mediaI am leveraging the power of technology and social media because this message is URGENT!  There are too many BROKE, SICK Christians who are looking for a handout, and unable to offer a hand UP!  To get the message to as many, and as fast as possible – I am attempting the human version of omnipresence by being prolific.  I have created online courses, videos, written books, present to groups, radio shows, and occasional emails to those on my list.

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